v31.1 (“VAPOURS”)

  • Adding the ‘We Are The Vapours’ track for Avalanche boss fight
  • Adding ‘Black Scale’ theme for when bosses are killed
  • Avalanche boss fight made signficantly easier
  • New Shielder enemy will show up in later zones
  • SO MANY co-op bug fixes
  • HUD tweaks
  • A few work in progress rooms from the Lab made their way in to the build
  • Invulnerability time after getting hit decreased 1 -> .25 seconds

New Player: Sioux

  • Previously ‘The Boy’
  • Health change 2 -> 4
  • Weapon change: now only starts with the nightnail
  • Higher weapon accuracy

Player Abilities

  • Seagrist is now able to ‘tinker’ on unrepaired drones, giving her weapon to them.
  • Runnels can now triple jump
  • Hauer can now Fast Drop
  • Sioux is now the only character which can throw weapons

Signature Buffs

  • Each character is now offered a unique buff at certain shrines.
  • Runnels: Kwang Stompers - last jump shoots grenades
  • Hauer: Heavy Boots - Fast drop does side damage and nullifies projectiles
  • Seagrist: Nothing yet!

New Item Set:

Familiarizer: increase your attack speed by collecting the FMLR lazer and the Neon Chrome buff