v30.0 (“Avalanche”)

Content Changes

  • Weapon drop rings now stick around forever when a weapon is available to be picked up.
  • Adding pickup drop rings for ammo and drugs/health to help with content readability
  • Minimap position indicators show up for both players in co-op now
  • Doomed Valor is now only offered by the Cursed Survivor
  • Jupiter now fires a projectile when doing melee attacks
  • Avalanche is now much more aggressive.
  • More health for all bosses.

New Feature: Daily Challenges

  • Rescue the Daily NPC from the tower to unlock the ability to launch into daily challenges from the base.
  • You can only do the challenge once per day.
  • In game leaderboard.
  • Player is given 2 random starting weapons
  • Player is given between 2-3 random starting buffs
  • The tower itself is given 1-2 random starting buffs as well
    • Stronger Starting Traps
    • Hunters come in twos
    • Less deadlock time
    • More Cursed Enemies
    • More Enemies

New Feature: Cursed Survivor

  • A new npc has a low chance of spawning in the tower, and he’ll offer you a special type of cursed buff that usually has severe drawbacks and requires the player to change their play style.
  • The player doesn’t get to see what it is first.
  • The Buffs:
    • Heart Time: Trade 2:00 to regain all your health and max out the ammo on all your weapons
    • Time Reaper: Sacrifice most of your deadlock time. Killing enemies replenishes 3s of time.
    • Doomed Valor: Sacrifice most of your health to fire faster and do more damage

New Feature: Item Sets

  • Obtaining secret combinations of Buffs + Weapons will now grant the player a set completion bonus. Details here
  • Adding the following item sets
    • Night Scream
    • Dangerous when Laserous
    • Taste of Chaos
    • The Great Denullifier
    • Combo Maven


  • When getting a buff from a dead hunter, it’s now installed visibly, in the same way as other buffs