v29.0 (“THE MURDER SUN”)

Content Changes

  • Fancy Hat and Fussy Type buffs have been combined
  • Fancy Hat actually works now
  • Bosses now scale their health based on where they’re found
  • The Hot Box enemy no longer drops ‘Hot Money’. Hot Money is no longer a thing.

New Boss: Dk Avalanche / Tempest

  • Currently reusing the Jupiter sprite
  • Name is a clear as day reference to the drum machine in Sisters of Mercy
  • Abilities are currently significantly lacking in sfx/vfx.
  • Needs a melee ability, but doesn’t currently have one.

Boss/Dash Buffs

  • Adding the Juno Core dash buff (only available from Juno, if she’s killed after jupiter)
  • ‘Fast Clocking’ -> ‘Jupiter Core’ (from Jupiter, if killed after Juno)
  • ‘Local Area Nullifier’ -> ‘Prophet Core’ now only comes from the Prophet-5
  • ‘Avalanche Core’ now available from the Dk. Avalanche boss. It leaves a shadow behind you that attacks where/who you attack. It’s really cool.


  • Adding smoke as a way of measuring your combo
  • Purple smoke means that you’re cursed.
  • Reworked the Death From Above buff, it allows you to combo faster, and enemies drop more $ based on your combo level.
  • Adding the Sequence Optimizer buff -> Weapons don’t cost any ammo when your combo is >= 3
  • Adding the Firewall buff -> Immune to explosions and fire when combo is >= 3


  • Started to implement the Lab tileset, but it’s not currently in game.

Weapon Throwing

  • Use Left Trigger to throw your current weapon. When it hits an enemy, it will do whatever it’s melee damage is to the enemy, as well as fire a few times when it falls to the ground.
  • This works with the Precious Moments buff, allowing ridiculous plays like this:

Options Changes

  • Adding an FPS monitor to settings, it defaults to on.
  • Added Smoke Resolution to settings, if your framerate is low, please start here!
  • Reworked the modal map and teleporting. You can now only open the map from dedicated teleporters that sometimes drop from enemies or are in store/buff rooms.

Significant Fixes:

  • Some player/object sprites should now render at the correct resolution. (runnels specifically was getting compressed in-engine)

What’s Next:

  • All placeholder enemy sprites, gone, forever. Maybe to hell, idk.
  • 1 new large enemy
  • Dailies
  • Better boss scaling! (Prophet should have better enemy companions when he spawns late, Dk Avalanche should have more ghosts)
  • Bug-free co-op
  • Item Sets
  • Finished tileset for ‘The Lab’ and busting out a bunch of rooms.
  • Arted up Dk Avalanche
  • Finally Arting ‘The Boy’ and reconsidering his kit.
  • Finish Gamma Compensation
  • Make melee weapons not look stupid when being carried/aimed