Unless otherwise noted, all playables here can jump twice, dash in 4 directions, start uncursed, and have a short invulnerability period after taking damage.


  • Starts with a starter pistol and a long barrel shotgun
  • Balanced, and flexible.


  • Starts with a starter pistol and grenade launcher
  • Takes less damage from fire and explosions


  • Starts with a starter pistol and Greenback Rifle
  • Starts with higher Curse stat


Meant to be used to reach certain run objectives and achievements. Very high starting power level with very low health make him a true glass cannon.

  • Starts with Long Barrel Shotgun and Night Nail
  • Extremely low health
  • Starts with higher Curse stat
  • All health drops are replaced with VX:20

DRONE (not selectable)

Can be discovered in co-op. If one player dies, the other player is prompted to ‘download’ them when standing near their corpse. Once downloaded, the player is prompted to ‘upload’ into a drone instead of the usual ‘give blood’ prompt.

  • Cannot Dash
  • Cannot Jump
  • Can Fly
  • Name in HUD is a robotized version of the original player name. Runnels -> RUNN3L5.