Leveling the player up is meant to be extremely generous and the goal is to drip out increasingly complicated game content to the player when they’re ready, rather than providing any kind of challenge. Almost everything in the game gives you points that will contribute to the player leveling up.

  • Seconds spent on the ‘run’
  • Firing a weapon
  • Using your dash
  • Finding a secret
  • Killing an enemy


Several types of in-game content are unlocked after leveling up. including:

  • Weapons
  • Cursed/Normal/Boss buffs
  • Music tracks
  • Playable characters
  • Challenge Rooms
  • Item Sets
  • Base Rooms (rooms in the player’s underground base/train station)


Settings available to the player.

  • Music Volume
  • SFX Volume
  • VO Volue
  • Master Volume (PLANNED)
  • Volumetric Density Downscaling (Allowing the volumetric engine to run at lower res, which can increase framerate)
  • Volumetrics enabled (Disable volumetrics for increased framerate)
  • Smoke Resolution
  • Smoke enabled (PLANNED)
  • Gamma (PLANNED)
  • Vsync