A shrewd tower denizen who will sell to literally anyone. Always carries ammo, some weapons, and one drug item.


Sometimes appears in shop rooms and sells drug themed items. It costs money to see what he has.


This sometimes gets dropped from the last enemy in a combat room, or can randomly be found in some rooms. Interacting with the teleporter will let you teleport to a room you’ve previously visited that’s in your current zone.


Players will sometimes encounter a hunter on the ground that appears to be dead and will have the option of interacting with it. The dead hunter will sometimes give you a weapon, or a buff, but will most likely wake up and attack you. The dead hunter may additionally be Cursed, which will give you a cursed buff or cursed weapon.


Players may sometimes find a ‘Reconfigurator’ which will prompt the player to Reconfigure. This device will take your current weapon, and try to trade it for something better. Sometimes the player will get a worse weapon.


New players will sometimes find a a tall character in a room that looks like a jail and be prompted to free the character. Doing this will cause the trainer to appear in your base, and offer you training challenges. The trainer will not appear in the tower after being freed.


Players will sometimes find a large room with a switch in the center of the floor and be prompted to trigger an alarm. Doing so will cause several waves of enemies to spawn with increasing difficulty. An enemy in the last wave will always drop a weapon.


Players will sometimes find an object and be prompted to Hack the terminal. Doing so will sometimes give you a weapon, but will also sometimes spawn enemies into the room.


In each zone, there is a room that has an Obelisk that costs money to interact with. Doing so will let the player choose one of 3 buffs to add to their player for the duration of that run.


Each zone has one secret portal somewhere in it that will open when hit with a projectile, melee swipe, or taking damage from explosions near by. Entering the portal will take you to a secret room and cause you to become more cursed. Un-opened portals can be noticed by faint distortion waves near where they are. Secret Portals should always be spawned on the ground.


Sometimes found in secret rooms, this Obelisk costs time to interact with, and will let you choose between 3 cursed buffs to add to your character for the duration of the run.


Sometimes found in secret rooms, or in their own room in the tower. Players are prompted to Give Blood to the drone, which will cause it to wake up and fight for you. Drones have a small, weak weapon. If a drone is in a room as a secret portal, it will hover near the secret portal if there are no enemies around. [PLANNED] Drones will be susceptible to being taken over by Drone Lord enemies.


Low frequency, found in tower, limited to once per tower run. Players are offered a mysterious artifact by a tall figure surrounded by dead and smoking bodies in a room clearly designed for murder. Players do not get to choose between any buffs, but can only choose to accept what he has, or walk away. The Cursed Survivor buff is always cursed, and always offers buffs that have significant drawbacks.


Found in the first zone of the tower, rescueing him will allow him to spawn in the base. When in the base, he will allow you to launch into the daily challenges.