These buffs are granted at normal buff shrines, which each zone has one of.

Name Description
RABBIT’S FOOT Improved Drop Quality
TRIGGER FINGERS Faster firing speed
ANIMAL HEART Faster firing speed when low at low % health
FANCY HAT Shop Keepers and buff shrines show more items, everything costs less
SPITEFUL HEART Killing enemies sometimes refunds a little ammo
RETURNER Melee attacks on projectiles cause them to seek back to their owner
CORPSE EXPLODER Sometimes enemies explode when they die
LUCKY IDOL No Item Drops, just weapons. Weapon drops are better
NAILS IMPLANT Taking damage spits out many nails
FLAK JACKET Less damage from explosions
KWANG GRADE STOMPERS +1 air jumps, your last jump shoots a grenade
BANDOLIERS Find more ammo in weapons, higher ammo max with all weapons
DUMB BULLETS Your projetiles move slower but do more damage
MEAT NICKELS Health packs heal for more
PRECIOUS MOMENTS Bonuses for picking up recently dropped items
HEAVY BELT Carry an extra weapon, but weapons break when they run out of ammo
DEATH FROM ABOVE Increase your combo level twice as fast, enemies drop more money based on your combo level


These buffs are offered when killing a boss, they always enhance your dash.

Name Description
REMORSE SUPPRESSOR Killing anything makes your dash immediately available
PROPHET CORE: LOCAL AREA NULLIFIER Dashing destroys projectiles
LONGER LEGS Your dash now moves you twice as far
JUPITER CORE: FAST CLOCKING Your dash cools down twice as fast
SECOND THOUGHTS Get an extra dash
JUNO CORE Dashing leaves a juno beam in your wake


These buffs are offered at cursed shrines, which are only found in secret rooms, or from cursed dead hunters.

Name Description
BLACK RABBIT’S FOOT Lower drop rate, but they’re better
BIGGER EXPLOSIONS Explosions are bigger
BLACK MIRROR Your projectiles bounce
BLOOD BAIT More enemies, better weapons
BLOOD ROUNDS When trying to fire a weapon without ammo, lose health and gain ammo
OPTIMISTIC LOCKING Do more damage at full health, more enemies
SYNAPTIC TRIGGERS Firing a weapon fires all your weapons
NEON CHROME Energy weapons do 2x damage, everything takes 2x ammo
INSECTIVOROUS Higher drop rate, but they’re worse
SEQUENCE OPTIMIZER Weapons don’t cost ammo with combo level 3+
FIREWALL Fire and explosion proof with combo level 3+


These buffs are offered by the Cursed Survivor.

Name Description
DOOMED VALOR Lost most of your health, increased fire speed and damage
HEART TIME Trade 2:00 of deadlock time to regain all your health and max out ammo on all your weapons
TIME REAPER Sacrifice most of your deadlock time, killing enemies replenishes 3s of deadlock time


Completing secret sets will give the player bonuses.

Name Description Requirements
NIGHT TERROR Teleport effects on night weapons cause you to nullify nearby projectiles and do area damage  
KILL REPEATER Combo Buffs activate earlier  
DENULLIFIER Nullified projectiles can be picked up and used as ammo  
NUKE SUIT Explosions and fire can only do 1 damage to you  
DANGEROUS WHEN LASEROUS Energy weapons fire faster